Advantages of renting an apartment in the outskirts of Geneva

Renting an apartment in the center of Geneva is not only very expensive. Also it is very hard to even find one. Not to mention to find an apartment to rent which really meets all your expectations. A good alternative is renting an apartment in the outskirts of Geneva.

The stunning nature around nature is one of the reasons why you should consider to rent an apartment outside of Geneva. The green hills, the white mountains, the blue lake. All of this is closer if you find an apartment to rent outside of the city center.

The excellent train and bus connections in Geneva make it attractive to live a bit further out of Geneva. Within 20, 30 minutes you can reach lots of villages and smaller towns around Geneva. The reliable public transportation will take you into the city center comfortably.

You money is much more worth outside Geneva! The rents are significantly lower. You either save a few hundred francs per months if you rent outside Geneva or you get more for the same money. You can even move over the border to France where life is much cheaper than in Switzerland.

The apartment search outside Geneva is easier. Whereas you can be sure to spend months to find the apartment of your dreams in the city center, it will be easier to find a really nice place outside of Geneva. Renting an apartment in Geneva city center has become really hard due to the lack of apartments. Therefore it has become more attractive to rent an apartment outside of the city centre.

Check the apartments and rooms on and compare the different offers! You will find that the ones a bit outside can be way more attractive from a financial point of view.




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