Rent an apartment in Zurich: City center – or not?

Living in the center of Zurich is great, everyone would agree. However, renting an apartment a bit outside of Zurich can have many advantages. In Zurich it is very expensive to rent an apartment. Plus it is really hard to find an attractive apartment in the center of Zurich.

If you decide to rent an apartment outside of Zurich, it will make your life easier: It is so much easier to find an attractive apartment. A 20 min train ride outside of Zurich the shortage of apartments to rent is much less severe. If you rent an apartment in the center of Zurich be prepared to spend months until you find an apartment that really suits all your expectations.

Public transportation in Zurich is great. If you live in a rental apartment a bit outside of Zurich, you will most probably be connected to the city center very well. Train connections are very dense and reliable. Public transportation in Zurich makes it much more attractive to rent an apartment outside of the city center.

Another advantage of renting an apartment outside of Zurich is the fact that you get more for your money – or you just save a lot! Would you like to spend the same amount you would spend on the apartment rent in the center? Most probably you could get an apartment with a room more compared to what you would get in the center. Or you rent a comparable apartment outside of Zurich and you easily save a few hundred Swiss francs every month – nice pocket money.

The nature around Zurich is stunning. If you decide to rent an apartment a bit outside of the city you are very likely to be very close to the next forest or lake. And still within 20, 30 minutes you can reach the the city center. On you can find lots of apartments which are located not further away than 30 min by public transport from the city center.




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