Recommend another expat to be the next tenant to rent the apartment in Zurich you are leaving!

How can help expats in Zurich to find an apartment to rent? By connecting expats and motivating them to help each others out. The most important is to select an other expat in Zurich as the replacement tenant and publish the apartment ad exclusively on

Why should expats in Zurich publish the apartment they are leaving exclusively on and not on big housing platforms? So other expats who might have a really hard time find an apartment to rent in Zurich get preference and a higher chance to get the apartment! motivates expats in Zurich who have to possibility to select a replacement tenant not to publish the ad on other platforms for at least 5 days or longer!

What does it mean if an expat selects another expat in Zurich as the replacement tenant? Does it mean that the selected expat automatically gets the right to rent the apartment? No, but the chance that he or she will be selected as the new tenant is high! The landlord is not obliged to accept the recommended new tenant but it is very common that they do. Why spend money on apartment ads and spend a lot of time showing the apartment to people in Zurich who would like to rent it when you already have a good suggestion of a new tenant?

In Switzerland people who leave an apartment before the date they are supposed to leave it have the right to find a new, acceptable tenant and present him or her to the landlord. This will allow them to leave earlier. Like this expats in Zurich have the great chance to select another  expat and recommend him or her to the real estate agency or the landlord who selects the tenant. On you can find lots of apartments to rent from other expats in Zurich, check them here. 


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