Temporary apartments to rent are often easier to find for expats in Zurich

Why do many expats in Zurich rent a temporary apartment? What are the main advantages of renting temporarily? Unfortunately, many expats in Zurich do not rent a temporary apartment because they want to but out of practical reasons: they are easier to find, especially if you are in a hurry. 

If you know exactly how long your are going to stay in Zurich you should rent a temporary apartment. For expats in Zurich the Swiss rental law might seem quite complicated at first. If you rent a temporary apartment in Zurich many things are easier than if you get involved in a permanent contract. For example, you will not have to deal with quitting your rental contract correctly and in time. This can be complicated because you need to stick to fixed time periods and if you miss the date, you will have to look for a replacement tenant yourself.

However, many expats in Zurich do not rent temporary apartments because they want to but because they cannot find a suitable permanent apartment to rent in Zurich. Why is it often easier to find a temporary apartment to rent? The demand for permanent contracts is much higher and also many temporary rental offers are often from private individuals who sublet. Both makes competition for one apartment to rent in Zurich lower and therefore easier to find an apartment. Especially if you apply for a sublet from another expat in Zurich, it’s often easier as expats in Zurich like to help out each other.

It is quite common that expats in Zurich first rent a temporary apartment. This gives them time to get to know Zurich better and look for an apartment that is perfect for them. This needs time! The reason why a flatsforexpats.com membership is 12 months is so expats in Zurich can use flatsforexpats.com twice if they should go for a temporary apartment to rent first.



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