Alternatives to renting a furnished apartment for expats in Geneva

Expats in Geneva tend to rent furnished apartments. However, renting a furnished apartment has multiple disadvantages for expats in Geneva. In the following a few alternatives to renting a furnished apartment will be discussed.

Did you know that there are companies which offer rental solutions for expats in Geneva who’d like an alternative to furnished apartments? Basically you get to pick from a few different packages of furniture which you can rent for as long as you like. The advantage is that you do not need to buy furniture nor you have to pay for a furnished apartment which are often around 20% more expensive than unfurnished ones.

Instead of buying new furniture which is expensive and quite a lot of work, there is the possibility to buy the furniture from the former tenant of the apartment you will rent. Especially expats who leave an apartment in Geneva often would like to sell their furniture as they are leaving Switzerland. It can be an advantage for you to get selected as the next tenant if you offer the former tenant to buy his or her furniture if you get to rent the apartment. Note that it is illegal for the former tenant to make it compulsory to buy the furniture.

Renting a furnished apartment in Geneva usually costs around 20% more than renting an unfurnished one. If you go for a more luxurious one you might even pay more. When deciding which option you will go for you should calculate and keep in mind that furnished apartments are quite a bit more expensive. Thus the alternatives can save you money.

As on you can find apartments and rooms from other expats who are looking for a replacement tenant there are both furnished and unfurnished apartments and rooms available.





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