Going Vegan or Vegetarian: Another Challenge for Expats in Zurich besides renting an Apartment!

My friend Dennis writes about vegan food around the globe and brought my attention to the challenge of finding vegan or vegetarian food in Zurich for expats who are new to the city. No worries, it’s way easier for expats to find vegan and vegetarian food than renting an apartment in Zurich. Especially if you have a look at Dennis’ blog “The Vegan World-Traveller”.

Good news for Expats in Zurich who have managed to rent an apartment in the center: One of the oldest places in Zurich that offers vegetarian and vegan food is close by. You might have happened to hear about the Hiltl which is quite popular among expats in Zurich. A very stylish place that apparently offers a choice of over 500 vegetarian dishes. Read a detailed review here.

Another stylish place reviewed by Dennis is Elle’n’Belle. Vegan expats in Zurich who chose to live in a rental apartment near Limmatstrasse might wanna consider this place their new favourite restaurant in town: It gets great reviews! 

Why this blog about vegan and vegetarian food in a housing blog for expats? First of all because Dennis was so kind and blogged about flatsforexpats.com ;-). Then I thought a blog about vegan food in English might be of interest for expats who read the expats housing blog. Most of the flatsforexpats.com members are new to Zurich so finding the right food in Zurich might be similarly important as finding an apartment to rent. Eating what you like is probably just as important like having an apartment to rent. It’s what you need to feel at home if you are an expat who is new to Zurich. This blog should be about challenges expats in Zurich face: Luckily, being an expat, finding the food you like is still not as hard as finding a an apartment to rent in Zurich! Good luck for both!







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