How to find an apartment to rent: Advice from expats in Zurich!

Yes, there are expats who already found an apartment to rent in Zurich! 😉 It might seem impossible but actually all expats manage to find an apartment or a room to rent in Zurich. In this article you find advice, tips and tricks from other expats who have advertised an apartment or a room to rent in Zurich on

“Mouth spreading is the best option”

You might have been checking the real estate sections of websites and made the experience that you compete with hundreds of other people who want to rent the same apartment in Zurich like you. It is important that you let everyone know that you are looking for an apartment. “Mouth-to-mouth-propaganda” is the key for many expats in Zurich to find an apartment or a room in a shared flat to rent. Tell everyone you know at work that you are looking for and don’t forget about your local and expat friends in Zurich. People, especially fellow expats in Zurich, are glad to help out and might give you a tip when they hear about an apartment to rent which is available.

“Be patient!”

It’s hard to be patient when you are looking for a new home, especially if you are new in Zurich. But don’t forget that all the expats in Zurich went through the pain of finding an apartment to rent and – found one in the end! Remember that it is completely normal to get a lot of negative answers. Keep looking, you will succeed at last!

“Check out the notice boards in coop and migros”

Old school but may be it is a good way in times where almost everything is on the internet. Check out offline sources, you might find people who prefer to advertise their apartment to rent like this.

“Luck, luck and luck!”

Everyone gets lucky at some point. Good luck for the apartment search in Zurich and thanks to all the expats who shared their advice!


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