Tips from Expats in Geneva about how to find an apartment to rent

I ask all people who post a free apartment or flat share ad on if they have any advice for expats who are looking for an apartment to rent in Geneva. As they have already gone through the rental apartment search in Geneva they must know how expats can find a place. Heres what they said.

“Try contacting regies directly, that is how we got this apartment after 5 trials!”

Contacting and establishing a relationship to a real estate company in Geneva which has apartments and rooms to rent can be an advantage. After a few friendly phone calls telling them that you are a nice expat in Geneva looking for an apartment to rent someone could remember you and give you a call when there is a suitable apartment to rent available.

“Tell everybody what you are looking for. Most places don’t even hit the public market.”

The above stated tip is what many expats say: connect to people who can help you find an apartment to rent in Geneva. An expat housing platform like can be an option. Tell everyone you know at work and your expat and local friends in Geneva that you need an apartment or a flat share to rent. Someone might know something.


You might not like that advice because especially if you are an expat who is new to Geneva you want to find an apartment to rent as quickly as possible so you can establish your new home. However it is important to remember that it is not impossible to find an apartment in Geneva even if you get a lot of negative answers. Keep cool, thats absolutely normal, you will find your place just like all of the expats in Geneva find a place at some point!

My personal advice: become a member of and check out the Geneva rental apartment offers from other expats in Geneva on a regular base! Good luck! 😉




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