Horror stories about finding an apartment to rent in Zurich

People tell horrible stories about the apartment search in Zurich. However not all of them are true. Learn why some people are lying about their experience of renting in Zurich. Here are a few examples, some of them are pretty spectacular. 

“There is a psychopath renting the apartment next to me”, Anna says in her email to me. And also: “He threatened to kill me”. Then she comes to the point saying that she really needs to find a new apartment to rent in the city of Zurich as soon as possible. And that she needed my help. I strongly suspect that this crazy story is a (not very credible) lie in order to make landlords pick her as a new tenant for their apartment to rent in Zurich.

Whereas this is a very extrem example, there are others which are a bit more credible but still are suspicious. For example there was one lady who wrote me that her sister had an accident while visiting her together with her family in Zurich. As she was hospitalised now, she urgently needed a 3 room apartment near to the university hospital in Zurich for her whole family. True story or just someone who works in the hospital and tries to make tenants feel bad for her and help? I don’t know.

What I know is that these examples show how desperate people can get when their search for an apartment to rent in Zurich is not successful. flatsforexpats.com tries to help expats in Zurich to find apartments. However, the approach is to connect expats in Zurich who are looking for a subtenant or replacement tenant with expats who are in search of an apartment to rent. I am therefore unable to give preference to anyone to rent a specific apartment as this is completely up to the people who advertise the apartments. So no matter how horrible the story about trying to find an apartment to rent in Zurich is – I can’t help 😉

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