How to create the perfect rental application dossier in order to rent an apartment in Geneva

Renting an apartment in Geneva can be challenging. Once you found an apartment you would like to rent, it is crucial to provide your future landlord with a perfect rental application dossier. Learn what documents you should include. 

It is not compulsory but recommended to include a few documents about yourself in the rental application dossier. The landlords in Geneva, especially if it is private ones, would like to know as much as possible about the person who will rent their apartment in Geneva.

Therefore you should include the following:

One or more photos of yourself so the landlord will recognise you once you meet in person, e.g. at an apartment viewing

– A short introduction letter telling the real estate agency in Geneva in charge why you are the perfect person to rent the apartment in question

– A CV so the possible landlord gets an idea what you have done in life and what kind of person you are

Renting an apartment in Geneva, however, is not only about you personally. Once you have convinced the future landlord with your personal documents that you are a friendly person, you need to provide some hard facts about your financial and professional situation:

– Show the tenant that you pay the rent for your apartment in Geneva reliably by providing a document that shows that you have never been subject to a debt collection procedure. You can get a document called “Attestation de Non Poursuite” also called “Extrait de l’Office des Poursuites” from your local authorities.

– A copy of your work contract shows the landlord that you are in a financially solid situation. It is crucial to show that you have a secured income in order to rent an apartment in Geneva.

After you have showed that your a nice person in a financially solid situation, let someone else say why you will be perfect as a tenant:

– Include some references from your employer or a former landlord saying that you there is no doubt that you will be an unproblematic tenant. provides you with apartment and room offers to rent in Geneva, however that does not help you if you’re application dossier is not good. So make it perfect!

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