Zurich expat networks help you find an apartment to rent in Zurich!

Zurich has a crazy real estate market so it is very hard to find an apartment to rent. It can be a great help to use your personal networks in Zurich in order to find a flat or a room in a shared apartment. Family and friends, colleagues from work and expat communities in Zurich, like flatsforexpats.com, are among the most helpful ones.

Your work colleagues are likely to be having friends and connections in Zurich so they can be a great help if you are looking to rent an apartment in Zurich. Send an email to your work colleagues or ask them directly. Or leave a note in your break room. Let everyone know that you are in need of renting an apartment in Zurich. People will be very helpful as most of them know that it is hard to find an apartment to rent in Zurich, especially for expats.

Expat networks can be a great help finding and apartment to rent in Zurich, especially if you don’t know too many people yet. Other expats have gone through the pain of flat searching in Zurich and are usually very eager to help out fellow expats in Zurich if they can. flatsforexpats.com‘s members get access to apartment and room offers from other expats in Zurich. The expats who post the ads agree on not publishing the ad on one of the big real estate websites so flatsforexpats.com members get the exclusive chance to rent the apartment before other people even know about it.

The most obvious help you can get renting an apartment in Zurich are family and friends. Even friends of friends are often happy to help so let everyone know that your are looking for an apartment. Post on Facebook and ask your friends to share, repost after a few days. Social media have a great reach even if you don’t have many friends in the area, someone might know someone who can help.

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