Find an apartment to rent in Geneva by using your personal networks!

It is hard to find an apartment to rent in Geneva, especially for expats. In order to find an apartment in the very competitive real estate market of Geneva it is necessary to make use of your personal networks. The most important are: Family and friends, colleagues from work and expat networks in Geneva including 

Family and friends are and important source where you can get hints about available apartments or rooms in Geneva. It is very important to define family and friends very broad: go on Facebook and other social networks, ask your friends to share that you are looking for an apartment or room to rent in Geneva. There might be friends of friends who are happy to help an expat who is new to Geneva.

Work is another important source where you can find someone who needs a new flatmate or knows about an apartment available for rent in Geneva. Whereas your family and friends might not be living in Geneva, your work colleagues are very likely to have connections that could help you find an apartment. Ask your colleagues directly, post a note on a board in the break room or send an email to everyone asking if anyone knows about apartments or rooms available to rent in Geneva.

You might not have any friends, or friends or friends in Geneva, nor might people from work be able to help you. Use networks of people who have something in common with you. For example: expat networks in Geneva! is based on the idea that expats in Geneva are willing to help each others finding an apartment to rent as they have been in the same position. As a member of you can access apartments and rooms which are from other expats in Geneva. The expats offering an apartment or a room in a shared flat agree to publish their offer exclusively on for a while in order to give other expats the privilege to apply for it before others can.

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