Rent an apartment in Geneva using – it’s easier!

Don’t give up! Finding an apartment to rent in Geneva is challenging, especially if you are an expat. offers a few advantages to expats who want to rent an apartment in Geneva. It connects expats leaving an apartment or room to expats looking for a flat in Geneva.

Rent an apartment in Geneva from another expat! As many expats in Geneva have to find a new tenant who takes over their apartment (thats what real estate agencies in Switzerland have the right to ask you if you leave your rental contract before the date agreed on), it’s a great opportunity for other expats to try and rent a flat from another expat. On most apartment or flat share ads are from other expats. As a lot of expats in Geneva like the idea of passing their apartment to another expat, expats using have a higher chance to actually get on of these apartments.

Also the expats looking for new tenants or flatmates agree to publish their offer exclusively on in order to give other expats the exclusive chance to rent the apartment! It’s a big problem that a lot of available apartments or flat shares in Geneva are not even published but given away through private contacts. The rental apartments which are published are few and thus the competition for these gets very high. It helps to get access to apartment offers on which are not on the market!

All the Geneva ads are published in English! It’s hard enough to rent an apartment in Geneva without the communication problems you have if you don’t speak French. On you can handle all the communication in English which will make it easier.

Rent an apartment in Geneva using expat connections! tries to overcome a few disadvantages expats looking to rent a flat in Geneva have. Have a look at the latest rental apartment offers.

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