How helps expats rent an apartment in Zurich

New in town and desperately looking to rent an apartment in Zurich? It’s hard to find an apartment in Zurich, especially if you are an expat. overcomes some of the major disadvantages flat searching expats in Zurich have.

Rent an apartment or a room from another expat! Zurich has a huge expat community. On expats can post their apartment ads when they leave it. In Zurich (and the whole of Switzerland) it’s common that tenants who leave their apartment have to find a replacement tenant. Why not pick another expat in Zurich and pass his or her application form to the landlord or the real estate agency?

Expats offering an apartment to rent agree to publish the ad only on! It’s a huge problem that a lot of attractive rental apartment offers are not even on the market. Because they are just given away through private contacts. Or they are published on big real estate platforms and you will have to compete with hundreds of other applicants. On expats who place an ad agree on not publishing the ads on big major housing platform. At least for a few days. This gives other expats in Zurich the exclusive chance to rent the apartment. is only available for registered expats (or Swiss global minds;) ) who speak English! The fact that the offers are available only to people who take their time and create an account and confirm that they are expats or Swiss global minds helps to create a small community of private individuals. Ads from real estate agencies are clearly marked on the top right of the ad. Also all the ads are published in English and you can handle all the communication in English. This helps expats who are new in Zurich and might not be fluent in German just yet!

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Get a room or a flat from another expat in Zurich!
Get a room or a flat from another expat in Zurich!


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