NEW Expat Services Directory: Compare Relocation Services Easily!

If you are new to Switzerland you are likely to need more services than just rent an apartment or find a room in another expats’ house. is currently creating an expat services directory which allows you to compare expat services easily. Relocation services are the first service that is available – many others will be added soon!

If you are looking for an apartment to rent in Zurich or Geneva or another Swiss city, you are likely to be in need of other services for expats, too. You might wanna consider hiring a relocation specialist for example. There are dozens of relocation companies in Zurich and Geneva, and more and more in other cities, too. Which relocation company should you choose?

On’s expat services directory you can get a quick overview over the most important relocation services providers in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Lucerne and other cities. In the quick overview you can see how long the company is in the market and which languages they speak. Would you rather opt for a traditional relocation company that offers its  relocation services for 30 years or a young, modern relocation company?

Also it is possible for registered FfE members to recommend a certain relocation company. In the overview you can see how many recommendations a company got and get an idea how happy others were with their relocation services provided. You might be looking to rent an apartment by searching’s apartment and room offers but may be you will realise that you prefer not spending time to do it yourself but spend money for a relocation specialist. The expats services directory is a source where you can find such service providers.

The message box integrated will make it very easy for you to send the same message to several relocation companies so you can compare their offers and prices without sending dozens of emails manually.

Relocation services are only the first service added you might be interested in. Financial services for expats, moving companies, cleaning companies, furnished business apartment providers or international schools are others which will be added soon!




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