Frequently Asked Questions

For flat/room-searchers

For people looking for tenants or flatmates

What kind of offers do you accept?

Rental apartments, houses and rooms in shared apartments

You are unable to place your apartment or room ad?

Check if you have filled in all required fields, they appear in red and if you have ticked all the required boxes.

Another problem could be that you are using an old browser. If you click "Place ad" and nothing happens - wait! Some older versions of browsers need more time. Or update you browser (just google "Update Chorme" (Internet explorer, Safari, Firefox or whatever browser you are using)).

Nothing helps? Send me all the details via email to and I will post it for you!

Can I use if I am not an expat?

You are most welcome! is open to everyone. The only thing you will need is the willigness to communicate with people from around the globe in English!

How is FLATSforEXPATS different from other housing websites?

You reach up to 10000 expats and English-speaking locals in Switzerland! Your ad will only be seen by registered members. Users say that the quality of answers is better than if you advertise on big commercial websites. If you place an ad here, you can opt to publish it exclusively on FfE for a while (you decide how many days; it's not compulsory, it can be 0 days). Like this you help other expats to have better chances to get your place.