It helps a lot to get exclusive offers from other expats, especially in a crazy housing market like Zurich.

Sven, Sweden

I found a flat through FfE – thank you!

Janine, France

I like the idea to be able to help another expat by passing over the apartment I am leaving.

Angelo, Italy

FLATSforEXPATS was very useful to me. It just made it much easier to connect to the former tenant knowing he is an expat, too.

Markus, Germany

I just wanted to tell you that we are delighted to have found the perfect flat for us through your site. I hope all the best for you and your business and wishing for it to grow and thrive.

Ashley, New Orleans, USA

I used the service , along with a well-known commercial site, to try to find nachmieters for the flat I'm currently living in. The tone of the responses, however, is streets ahead of responses we got from respondents from the commercial site. Also, the response time was excellent, I sent in the ad and in the same day people had begun responding.

Anonymous user about FfE on englishforum.ch

I really like FfE and feel it gives great 'insider' access to apartments which otherwise can be very hard to find in the city. I have already found a short-term apartment through FfE and will definitely keep using it as I look for a longer apartment in Zurich. I would definitely recommend it to anyone moving to Zurich

Felicity, Great Britain

I found my first flat through the site, and am hoping it will help me again!

Peter, New York, USA

My son in Geneva was successful in signing up his own account, and DID find a flat in Champel. Thank you, thank you!

Parent of FfE Member in Geneva