Frequently Asked Questions

For flat/room-searchers

For people looking for tenants or flatmates

Can I see the offers before I subscribe? What kinds of offers are there?

There are whole apartments or rooms in shared flats. There is a preview of the offers available. There you can see what kind and how many offers there are. However, the preview does not include the contact details. In order to be able to contact the person who looks for a new tenant or flatmate you need to subscribe.

You cannot access your account even though you subscribed?

You subscribed in order to get access to FLATSforEXPATS' apartment and room offers but you are unable to login? Have you activated your account? After your subscription it is necessary to go to your email account and click on the link in the email you should have received. You did not get the activation email? Check your spam account!

Still unable to access the account? Sorry, there seems to be a technical issue: Please send me an email:

Can I pay my membership fee by bank transfer? Yes! Transfer the membership fee to the bank account below. You can check the current membership fee in the main menu above after you select your city (e.g. Zurich, 7CHF per month, min 12 m CHF). The total amount must be paid upfront, to: IBAN: CH0400787000970214105 BIC/SWIFT: KBZGCH22XXX Account number: Konto-Nr 09.702-141.05 Bank: Zuger Kantonalbank, Baarerstrasse 37, 6301 Zug Recipient: Thomas Willisch, Weidstrasse 4b, 6331 Hünenberg Just send me a payment confirmation/photo/printscreen of it, after the payment and I can create your account (or I just wait until I receive the payment). I create your account usually within one business day, however, sometimes there might be delays. If you want direct access, subscribe above and pay by PayPal. NOTE THAT FROM 15th OF DECEMBER UNTIL THE 9TH OF JANUARY 2017 WE WILL BE ON CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY. YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE CREATED IN THE NEW YEAR! IF YOU PAY BY PAYPAL/CREDIT CARD YOU WILL GET DIRECT ACCESS.
What kind of offers do you accept?

Whole apartments (if you‘re looking for a next tenant/Nachmieter) or rooms in shared flats if you‘re looking for a flatmate. Temporary offers are accepted, too. The city center of one of the listed cities must be reachable within 30 minutes by public transportation.

How many months do I have to subscribe for?

There is only the subscription types available which are displayed in the selection menu (no exceptions are possible sorry). I prefer to offer long subscription durations (but cheap ones!) as I realized that many people find a first apartment (whatever they can get) and then take their time to find one they really like. It is possible that there is only one subscription type available.

Can I use if I am not an expat?

You are most welcome! is open to everyone. The only think you will need is the willigness to communicate with people from around the globe in English!

How can I subscribe and access the offers?

Select your city in the subscribe-button in the main menu on the top left. It will take you directly to the subscription page.

Do I have to cancel my subscription? Is there an automatic renewal?

No worries! There is no automatic renewal. Your subscription will expire automatically after the period of your subscription. If you'd like to continue having access to the apartment offers you will have to resubscribe.